Model Applying Lipstick

CHANEL Lip Studio

A mobile application customized for CHANEL to optimize customers' experience when selecting colors of lip products via AR technique.

/ UX Research, Mobile App Design, AR

Design Question

How could lipstick shopping experience be improved using AR technique?

My Solution


I looked into the current experience of purchasing lip products both offline and online in order to discover users' pain points and design opportunities. I also researched and analyzed popular mobile application supported by face recognization technique to identify the area of improvement and things to pay attention when designing such a dual experience, namely both physical and digital.

As a solution, I chose CHANEL as my virtual client and merged AR technique into its current mobile app to optimize customers' experience. When customers are browsing lip products, it's available to "try on" different colors, even compare two of them in order to make rational decisions.

My Role

UX Researcher + UX Designer


Pencil & Paper, Sketch


Feb. - Mar. 2017

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Final design preview


// 01

Introduce the background

An Idea from Daily Life

Once I went to the shopping mall with my friend to buy lipsticks. We have spent the whole afternoon at the counter inundating ourselves with different kinds of collections and colors, which are actually really similar to some extent.

Although customers are provided with the option to try colors on their arms or lips, regardless of hygienic misgivings, it could be difficult to make decisions. 

// 02

Dig into the problem

Online Browsing

At first, I searched on the Internet and found that many people have the same problem.



Questionnaire & Field Trip

Then, I drew up a questionnaire including 6 questions about lipsticks and shopping habits. I spent 2 afternoons visiting 5 shopping malls in Peking. Based on 120 copies of questionnaires I figured out the present situation and the most concerned needs.

Questionnaire in Chinese

Counters in shopping malls

Key Findings from Questionnaire

  • Although online shopping is growing to be the mainstream, girls still prefer to try colors and buy lipsticks at the counter in shopping malls.

  • Some girls know clearly that which colors are suitable for them. However, most of them have bought colors that are NOT suitable for them impulsively.

  • At the moment, girls only have choices to try colors on their arms or directly on their lips. For the first way, the difference between arms and lips is generally still huge. However, the second way is denied by some girls for hygienic concerns.

Look into Facial Recognition

I also investigated 3 Apps with "Facial Recognition" Function, analyzed their interface designs and compared their respective design highlights & defects.




Look into Lipstick Brands

I also studied 3 well-known make-up brands, analyzed their websites & products and experienced their designs for selecting colors.

What else...

In order to know more about lipsticks, I gathered materials like history, ingredients, new trend...


// 03


After I synthesized all the findings, I decided to choose CHANEL as my virtual client and combined Color-trying function into its current mobile application, which will be realized by means of AR technique.

// 04

Final design outcome

User Flow



// 05

Features highlight


Unified style with other CHANEL products

Flexible switch between different products layouts

Striking features of a traditional online shopping platform

Product Page

Detailed information

Launch Page

Choose photos

or camera



For friends


For oneself

Facial Location

Lip Studio

Save photos


Put into cart

Precise Facial Recognition, especially the Lips

Easy comparison between two colors