As a part-time coder, I create entertaining websites and computational visual arts using front-end languages.



During my first semester in MAFDT, I took elective Web Advanced: Javascript in order to consolidate and expand my skills in web development with JavaScript and jQuery. This course was taught by Todd Anderson (

🐝 Generative Website

🦑 Interactive Website

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During Spring 2018 semester, I took elective Computational Form taught by Justin Bakse ( Topics included: creating raster and vector images with javascript and p5.js, synthesizing audio in Javascript, and using OpenSCAD to create models for 3D printing

✂️ Selected Daily Sketches

📌 Case Study

Trigonometry is one of the important and fundamental topics in the field of computer graphics. Trigonometry for me is the study of relationship and the wonder of it lies in the potential infinity and similarity insides.

Starting from introducing basic trigonometry functions, my case study explores the application of trigonometry in graphics programming and especially in digital painting using Processing as the platform.

There are 3 stages of work following a procedural process.

Stage 1: Serving as a foundation, stage 1 reveals characteristics of trigonometry by drawing curves and applies it to create natural-looking motion.

Stage 2: The next stage focuses especially on cyclical motion and shows trigonometry’s potential in generating patterns based on endless repetition.

Stage 3: And ultimately, the last stage experiments with digital painting ideas by creating a dynamic brush using trigonometry and show the modified result with an example.