AR Projects


For me, augmented reality as an emerging medium adds another layer of information onto the physical world we live in, and thus opens a vast of new opportunities for interaction. Check out 2 AR projects I built below and hope you get inspired!


AR Microscope

Feb. - Apr. 2018 | Course Project | AR Experience


An AR experience revealing the alien inner world of gems through artistic 3D renderings of their chemical structures, compounds as well as the environment that led to these formations. This project was in collaboration with the Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History (NMNH) and was demoed at NYC Media Lab Summit 2018.


Lauren Malkani - Team Leader

Yan Wu - Interaction Designer

Jieming Yu - Interaction Designer

Yiqin Ma - Developer


Pencil & Paper, Sketch, InVision, Adobe Creative Suite, Unity


What is it?

AR Microscope is an augmented reality experience revealing the alien inner world of gems as a visual feast to museum visitors as a catalyst and encouraging them to go further and benefit from relatable educational outcomes. The primary goal of this experience is using hands-on exploration and multiple media to learn science and context.

This project is specially designed for Q?rius, the science education center in NMNH, which aims to foster hands-on exploration but is not sufficiently used at the moment. The target users are from ages 6 - 18 in family or school trips.

User Journey

00_User Journey.png



AR app sitemap





Feb. - Apr. 2018 | Course Project | AR Installation


X-tories is an interactive experience exploring the possibilities of audience’s contribution to creating and maintaining suspense in narratives. I created this piece after researching into AR as a new medium of interactive storytelling and nonlinear narrative as a means of creating compelling stories. I participated in MFADT Major Major Show 2018 to showcase this piece to more than hundreds of visitors! (If you’d be interested in more details about this project, please check out my paper here.)


Interactive Storytelling, AR, Nonlinear Narrative


Paper, Cardboard, Sketch, Adobe Creative Suite, Easy AR